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What will you gain by choosing us as a partner for digital marketing?

We generate leads for you and create your brand image. Any business owner knows that multiple tasks are required to run a successful business. At Tasky Monk, we attempt to make things simple for you. We help you create and establish your brand image. We generate leads for you so that you can use your skills and convert the leads into ‘sales’.

Building The Potential

What Makes Us Stand Out

What will you gain by choosing us as a partner for digital marketing?

Brand Aesthetic

Building a strong brand image is our top priority, meaning people will specifically search for your "business name" rather than generic keywords. What constitutes success is when people search for you on Google, not when they share you on Facebook.

100% Transparency

The second most important point that truly distinguishes itself from the competition is transparency in dealings. We work in Google Docs and Google Sheets so that you can verify how we are approaching your work.


We understand that technical terms are not easy for everyone to understand. So while communicating with you, we try to grasp the concept, and depending on that, we set goals. We make them measurable through analytics and do a SWOT analysis for each client profile.

Result Oriented

We’re laser-focused on results and have a proven track record of going beyond expectations with strategic and fact-based decision-making.

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Our Work Process

Get More Sales With Working Strategies And Proper Work Flow

Achieve your Sales Goals with our Strategic Planning and Effective Workflow Experience 10x more sales with us

Target Audience

Understanding your specific audience and targetting them to gain assured results

Right Content

Providing good value with a mixture of entertainment attracts prospects

Paid Camps

Based on your specific objective, right results can be achieved easily

Have A Look To Our Sucess

Don't just take our word, see for yourself

Together We Achieve More

Meet Our Masters

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships

Gaurang K Patel


Vedanti P Parikh

Business Manager

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