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Parth Parikh

CEO of TaskyMonk

If you hear my story, you will feel that I am a crazy guy. But still, I wish to share with you all, why and how I started TaskyMonk. When I was in 9th standard, my dad bought me a PC. That was my first encounter with the PC (personal computer).

My curiosity levels were high, and I wanted to know what goes inside the computer. So just 3 days after getting the brand new computer, I opened the CPU cabinet to see what was inside it. But my dad never scolded me, which motivated me to learn more about it.

Slowly, I came to know that we can play games on PC. I was not interested in playing games but just wanted to know why some games were not compatible with certain systems. This introduced me to the world of software.

When I was in 11th standard, I got my first assignment through a referral. It was to repair a PC in SBI bank without losing data. I could do it and hence they gave me an AMC for 1 year for all PCs in the bank. This generated confidence in me and I started repairing the PCs of my friends.

My introduction to the internet was also quite funny. I wanted to know whether we can connect the phone cable to the PC Modem. I did it and could access the internet at 10kbps speed. I used the internet continuously without informing anyone. I kept learning more and more things.

My father realized it when he had to pay the telephone bill. But after he came to know about my curiosity about the internet, he purchased a broadband connection.

In the 12th standard, we had to make a project report in MS Word and by mistake, I saved it in HTML format. From that time I came to know that to prepare a website HTML code is needed. Slowly I learned to code and started building websites. (at that time ready-made templates for preparing websites were not available)

When I was doing BE (Computer) I designed websites for many clients and I got my first job in Dots & Com. The position was for a web developer but they selected me for doing SEO job. Because after building a website I was doing the tasks that could help the site rank. I was not aware of SEO as a field, but subconsciously I did it for years.

I continued with the job for one and a half years and learned many things. But my vision was to not limit myself with the limited knowledge growth, so started my own business. So I did freelancing jobs while continuing the job. It was becoming impossible to handle both.

I had time issues plus, I always worked with great dedication so I could not attend calls of my freelancing clients when I was working for Dots & Coms. Later just to test whether I have sufficient knowledge, I applied to 8 different companies and got selected there.

This instilled confidence in me and my mom supported me to start my own business. Hence, after much introspection and effort, I started my digital marketing agency on 26th November 2016.

Throughout my journey, my mom and dad have supported me a lot. I mean, I’ve done very crazy things but they never scolded me but rather helped me in every stage of my life. I am truly grateful to them.

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