Has it ever happened to you that you want an answer to a particular question and you use Google to find it, but all that you get is a list of websites that can answer your question?We know, it happens – with each one of us.

We are going to suggest some HIGHLY USEFUL websites for each one of you.
Stay with us till the end. If you want to develop such amazing websites, you can always approach us.

Let’s start browsing. If you are in hurry, here’s a quick look:

FakespotRates products on the basis of various online reviews
Camel Camel CamelTo get notifications about great deals on Amazon
NiniteSingle website to download all apps
WolframAlphaGet answers to all your questions for various subjects
NumbeoCompares cost of living across different places
Eat This MuchShows you how much you should eat in a day to achieve your diet goal
Manuals LibOnline manuals for all apps
PDF EscapeOnline PDF scanner
AlisonDiploma/Certificate courses to learn online
UnigoTo compare courses and scholarships in USA
Fake Person GeneratorGenerates fake person id to login to various sites

Fakespot is a must for those people who do online purchasing frequently by relying on reviews. In the digital age, everything is possible. To rank high on the search engines people get false reviews written.

Fakespot is a website that helps you to shop for genuine products. It analyses the product reviews from different sites and based on all reviews gives its rating which guides the user on whether to purchase the product or not.

Do you have similar ideas to help people? Tell us what you are passionate about and we’ll help you to create a website for you.

Have you ever observed that the best deals pass away when we are not shopping? What if we told you that now you have a website that will keep looking online for you for the deals that you want.

On this site, you can list the products that you wish to buy, see the past statistics, get an idea about the price and fix the price at which you wish to buy the products on Amazon.

Accordingly, it will notify you as soon as the price drops to the level which you desire. It is a must for those who frequently do purchase on Amazon. This will help you to crack great deals.

Nowadays we either purchase on Amazon or in a shopping mall, right? Have you ever thought about it, why is it so?

This is because we all love comfort. At malls or on sites like Amazon, we can get all things in one place. What if we suggest to you a similar website that is the ‘Amazon of websites’?

Ninite is a website that has hundreds of apps. You just need to check the box and install them. This saves your time going on different websites to download them.

Have you ever tried to find answers on Google and got references from other websites that can give you answers? This is because Google is a search engine that just lists websites. It does not give ready-made answers.

WolframAlpha is one site that can directly give answers to your questions. Just input your question and you will get an answer to it. It can be very much useful to students or to someone who is facing difficulty in finding an answer to a particular question.

We are sure you must have never seen these websites before. Do you know why? Because these sites don’t rank on Google. An average user does not go beyond page three on Google to find what he/she wants. Hence, it is necessary to rank on Google.

We can help you to rank on Google and get noticed by the potential audience.

Whenever we want to relocate somewhere, the first thing that we want inquire is about the cost of living. Even if you Google it, you won’t be able to know the information about all the products?

Numbeo is a site that will guide you about all the prices right from groceries, school, transport, and other bills and taxes. It can be most useful to those who have transferable jobs or to students who wish to go abroad for studies.

Along with the cost of living in a particular city, you can also compare the cost of living in different cities. This feature is particularly useful if you want to go abroad for education.

Do you know with ‘React Programming Language’ you can build such websites faster? If you have ideas, talk to us. We can help you to create the websites of your choice.

Honestly, each one of us has tried dieting in a lifetime! But do you know if we are dieting on our own without consulting a nutritionist then there is a fear of undernourishment.

‘Eat this much’ is a website who will prepare a ‘food plan’ for you. You can choose different types of diets like veg, non-veg, ketogenic and more.

Apart from that in case the user is not sure how much calories he/she should eat, then there is a small form which the user needs to fill up. This guides the user for the number of calories that they should intake in a day.

So next time you think of dieting, do visit this site.

Whenever we purchase any new equipment, we get user manuals with it. But sometimes we misplace it. In case you want to refer to the product manual for troubleshooting the problem, you can visit this site.
You just need to enter the details of your equipment like model number and brand. The site instantly displays all information about the product.

You can even upload your own product manuals on this website. So next time you are stuck up while using the product, surely visit this site.

Tired of Adobe? Try PDF Escape. It has free and paid versions and offers much more functionality than Adobe. Try it out for yourself and see your productivity shoot up!

If you like to learn every single day then ‘Alison’ is the best choice for you. It offers more than 4000+ certification and diploma courses. The best part about it is all of them are free.

If you are searching for particular courses related to the internet/marketing then we recommend you to visit HubSpot Academy. It offers FREE certification courses in digital marketing and other digital courses.

With a variety of certification courses, you can even choose the duration, content type and levels for learning. Try it out for yourself.

Do you know what’s the most difficult thing while planning to go abroad for studies? It is choosing the college. If you wish to study in the USA, then you can visit the Unigo website and just enter details of the subjects that you want to learn, the location, the budget, and other details. Depending on that the site suggests you the most suitable college to study in the USA.

Many times certain websites require us to login and enter our personal details to access the information. If you do not wish to share your real credentials then you can use a fake names generator and access the information.

We know you have bookmarked some of the above websites. Did you for even one moment think why you never saw these sites before?

This is because they haven’t done SEO. SEO is really important because that is what makes the sites rank. Unless the sites rank, you will never know about them.

If you have an idea in mind, tell us about it. We’ll try to make a website and help you to rank on Google and other search engines. This will give you online presence and help you to scale new heights.

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