AVS Visa World

Business Industry:

Visa Consultancy

Business Location:

Vadodara, Gujarat

Services Offerec:

SEO, SMM, Website

Working Since:

August 2023

Project Overview

AVS Visa World

AVS Visa World is a global visa and immigration consultancy, specializing in simplifying hassle-free visa processes. With expertise in diverse visa categories, they offer personalized guidance to clients, ensuring smooth international travel and immigration experiences.

Their Problem

They decided to hire a freelancer, hoping for great outcomes, but unfortunately, their expectations weren't met. Hence wanted to start from scratch

Our Solution

By using SEO-optimized content, we improved their Google ranking, surpassing competitors and bringing in higher organic traffic.

Services Provided


We improved their website’s visibility in Google results through SEO optimizations. It included improving website content, meta title and meta description for better ranking using high performing keywords. This strategy caused a surge in their organic leads for student visa.


Our Social Media Marketing (SMM) service revolved around creating informative and promotional social media content to attract and engage potential customers while expanding their follower base. Furthermore, our strategic social media ad campaigns were designed for precise targeting, leading to significant increases in conversions. Our comprehensive approach delivered outstanding results for them, improving their online success.

Website Development

We created a website with a stunning design that not only pleases the eye but also lures in more visitors from search engines. Our team carefully designed the layout, streamlined navigation, added compelling calls to action, and created a unique logo, ensuring a satisfying online experience for all who visit.
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