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Website Design & Development

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What is Website Design & Development?

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Website design consists of the visual appeal of the website. It consists of graphics, layout, hierarchy etc whereas web development refers to the functionality part. Process of Website Design And Development Consists of:

Requirement Analysis

During the requirement stager, the data is gathered from the client. This indicates what the client expects his website to do.

Analysis of Information

During this stage brainstorming activities are done to understand the structure of the website from the point of view of how it can be put on the website.

Web Design

Web design refers to the visual appeal of your website. For the best customer satisfaction, you need proper navigation, pleasant colours and proper hierarchy.

Website Development

Website development refers to making the various elements of the website functional. Proper site architecture and coding are a must for a great user experience.

Creativity + Imagination

Why Choose Tasky Monk for Website Development?

Web design is imagination made visual.
We have ‘full-stack developers’ who synchronize their work with the content, graphics, SEO, and Social media marketing teams. This gives the user the best experience.
We Optimize

Loading Speed

Loading speed is the most crucial factor in website development because fast-loading websites can generate better conversions.

Overall performance

Consumer satisfaction is a must if you are trying to project your brand or sell something online. We build the best websites for overall great performance.

Best User experience

Unless people are satisfied with all of the things about your website like the look, security, features, ease of use etc they won’t use it. We optimize for it.

Digital Formation

How Do We Optimize the Website?

Await nothing less than best

For optimizing the website we use various tools that can guide us regarding how the user behaves after visiting our website.

We optimize the website for:

Search Engines

We try to prepare a perfect website structure so that it becomes very easy for the search engines to crawl and index it.


More percentage of people access the internet over mobile. That’s the reason we ensure that website is compatible with website devices.


Unless the website ranks on Google, there is no purpose in building them. Hence we take care to build SEO-optimized websites.


Although we make websites for search engines we make every possible attempt to make them easily navigable for humans.

Recent Website Design & Development Projects

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