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SEO Consulting

What Is Seo Consulting?

Google has become a part of our everyday life. It is necessary to stay in the minds of people if you want to succeed in business and progress.

SEO is an attempt to rank your website on different search engines so that people find out about your business and approach you.

SEO is a continuous activity. It is similar to flying a kite. Anyone can fly a kite but to keep it high in the sky we need to keep watch on it and keep pulling thread.

SEO consists of many activities but mainly they can be classified as:

  • Off-page SEO activities
  • On-page SEO activities
  • Technical SEO activities

How Do We Approach Seo At Our Digital Marketing Agency In Vadodara?

At Tasky Monk we have SEO experts who handle different projects. We understand that SEO is a herculean task and hence we allocate SEO projects to our experts to get the best results.

Our SEO experts plan a strategy to help you rank on different search engines.

SEO strategy differs from client to client. It consists of the following things which need to be customized for each client individually.

Goal Definition: What is the goal of your business? Is it to inform the public, create awareness, or generate sales online? Depending on the goal that you set we need to adopt a planned approach.

Technical audit: Technical audit is a sneak peek into the technical issues with the website and its rankings. It reveals the errors that hamper our site from being ranked on Google.

The errors can relate to:

  • Indexing errors
  • Crawling errors
  • Improving the user experience

As SEO experts we handle these things regularly. No matter how great your content is, if there are technical errors on your website, Google won’t rank it. Technical audit corrects it.

Keyword Research: Keywords are the words that people enter in the search bar whenever they want to search for a particular thing.
We conduct thorough research for keyword analysis and create topic clusters and pillar pages for the same after analyzing the search volume and conducting competitor analysis.

Content Strategy: Content is the king, but it can ruin your website if it is not written and arranged in a ‘user-friendly’ way. As SEO experts, we attempt to plan a content strategy for you.

The content strategy consists of establishing your online presence through blogs, articles, videos or PPTs. We identify the inbound methodology to attract links to our sites and try to identify the content gaps to create content around a particular topic.

Off-page Optimizations: Off-page optimizations include optimizations for backlinks, images and much more. It is a continuous activity to be done to stay at the top.

On-page Optimizations: We make it a point to study heat maps and see where maximum clicks happen. Depending on that we place keywords and long-tail keywords at strategic locations so that users can find your website easily.

Competition analysis: This is the first thing we do as SEO experts. We identify the keywords for which your competitors rank and try to find low competition keywords to rank for.

Why Is Seo Important?

Here’s a quick look at some interesting statistics.

  • “75% of searchers won’t click past the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs)
  • Google processes over 5.8B searches/day.
  • Google processes over 2T searches/year.
  • The avg. click rate of position 1 in search results is 19.3% and position 2 is 10.57%.
  • Every year, between 16-and 20% of all searches are brand new. They have never been searched for before.
  • 60% of Google searches are performed on mobile devices.
  • Google has 95% of the mobile search engine market in the U.S.
  • About 33% of mobile Google searches are location-related.
  • 50% of “near me” queries result in a store visit.
  • 7 out of 10 Google searches for food occur on mobile devices.
  • 46% of product searches begin on Google.
  • Google is the dominant search engine with 92% market share.”

Google and other search engines work just to rank the content. Hence, it is very much essential to be in the top three pages to establish your online presence and generate sales/visits to your website.

PPC can attract visitors one time but if you need constant visits to your websites then only SEO can help. SEO is a time-consuming process and you can expect the results in a time frame of six months.

We can help you with SEO and increase the traffic to your website.

Maximize your online presence, to boost your social media engagement call now!

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