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International SEO

What is International SEO?

Presuming you are doing sales across India, you’ll certainly want people from other countries about your business. Optimizing your website for gaining international clients refers to international SEO.

Although the process of doing SEO is similar to national SEO, it differs in some aspects. Website URL plays a crucial role in the case of international SEO. Because people want to read content in their language.

What Is Included InInternational Seo?

International SEO includes many important things. The prime important among them is the design of website structure. There are a variety of ways to design a URL structure. Other optimizations are needed to help you rank in Google.

How Do We DoInternational Seo?

We do it by creating different URLs or sub-directories for your URLs.

Creating sub-directory for each country:

Examples of companies that use subdirectories for their international websites:

  • Apple ( for users in the United Kingdom)
  • Nike ( for users in South Africa)
  • Spotify ( for users in Argentina)

Such kinds of URLs can be implemented when a company wants to stick to one website with sub-websites for other locations.

Creating a separate website for each country:

If you have too many resources on your website and try to add different country-specific URLS then loading a website might take time.
In such cases, it is nice to prepare a separate website for each location. It also helps to send the proper signal to the search engine that your site is dedicated to a particular country.

Optimizing the content for mobile screens

Setting different content types for different countries:

The above image clearly shows how the users interact with websites in different countries. Depending on the way inter-react we can design the content.

Why Is International Seo Important?

in sales, you need to understand their needs and make them feel friendly.

International SEO is an effort to customize websites for international clients. This way they can understand what we offer. If you want to scale new heights in the international markets, you need to do international SEO.

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