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Ecommerce SEO

What IsEcommerce Seo?

Suppose you open a new shop and no one knows you. What will you do to increase your reach? Distribute samples, establish trustworthiness, advertise in media, right?

The same happens when you have an online store. In the case of a physical store you can keep things on the display so that if the visitors are interested, they can buy from you.

But in the case of the virtual stores, it is not certain whether the user will view your page. This is so because every second, Google processes 40,000 search queries.

To rank on Google what you need is Ecommerce SEO.

How Do We Help InEcommerce Seo?

Ecommerce SEO consists of ranking your website on Google and other search engines so that whenever people search for a product or a service your page would pop up.

  • Target the right keywords: Although the user can understand your product in a few words you must use keywords properly keeping a correct keyword density so that people can find it when they search for it.
  • Competitor research: Competition research is of utmost importance in Ecommerce SEO. It can help us get an edge over our competitors.
  • Homepage SEO for content optimizations: The home page should have a proper navigation structure so that the user has the best experience and reaches his/her desired page in three to four clicks.
  • Submission of schema: Schema improves the crawling function and speeds up the indexing process.
  • Optimize product pages for content and images: Placing keywords at strategic locations, using CTA at appropriate places after using heat maps, and using alt + text for image description improves the rankings.
  • Use responsive design: Most people use mobile for searches. Hence the design should be responsive.
  • Reduce page load speed: The page should have a minimum loading speed so that the user gets the best experience.
  • Create quality backlinks: Backlinks from authoritative sites which relate to our site are considered a very positive signal for SEO. We try to create maximum links for your website.

Why Is EcommerceSeo Essential?

If you want your online store to rank on Google or any search engine then Ecommerce SEO is essential. Unless it ranks on the search engines, it won’t be visible to the public at large and ultimately won’t generate any sales.

We can help you to rocket your sales by doing Ecommerce SEO for your website.

Maximize your online presence, to boost your social media engagement call now!

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