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Social Media Strategy

Lakshya Management Consultancy Pvt Ltd

We created ads and attractive creatives with persuasive content that could drive leads to our clients. It helped our client to get more reach and we could get good engagement on Facebook and Instagram.






June 2020


Generate Engagement - Build Relationships

We create colourful images that paint the picture in minds of people. We use emotions as our paint to get leads. Our words and graphics together create magic.

Our client needed engagement on Facebook. We prepared catchy images with nice words to attract people. Through group joining and sharing activities, we could get a good reach and 5.45% engagement.

Through organic activities like regular posting, group joining, and sharing activities we could get a good number of followers on Instagram and got a 7.54% engagement rate.

Wherever needed we ran campaigns for our client which could generate considerable leads for our client and lead to conversions. Catchy images and pinpoint content helped us to get leads.


We prepare strategies for each client to get desired outcomes..

Analytical Approach

We adopt various tests to check which things are working to generate leads.


In ad campaigns, our social media manager adjusts the budgets to keep CPC minimum.


We create regular posts and schedule them beforehand to avoid last minute rush.

Lakshya Management Consultancy is an immigration consultant in Vadodara. They help people to get visa for studies, work, business and visits. In the initial years we posted regularly on FB to increase their audience base.

Once we found that they have high number of followers on FB and Instagram, we started running ad campaigns on FB and Google. This brought quality leads to our client.

What we did

  • Social media marketing
  • PPC