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Janvi Multispeciality Hospital

SEO Strategy

Janvi Multispeciality Hospital

We began by creating a user-friendly website and optimised it for keywords. We did On-page, Off-page optimizations, and header and footers were optimized for better user experience and a technical audit of the site for further improvements. As a result, we could get good organic traffic to the client’s website.

What gets measured gets improved

Unless the efforts are measured we cannot be sure whether we are moving in the right direction. We make it a point to measure and revise.

Google My Business listings are particularly useful for targeting any business locally. With our consistent efforts, we could increase total views and the conversion rate by 3.09%.
Google Search Console report for the said month represents our average position as 13.75. We ranked on the top pages for some keywords and on page two for generic keywords.
Google Analytics report shows that we were able to get a good number of organic and new users and a satisfactory bounce rate. The average time they spent on our site was 2 minutes.

Quality over Quantity

Google prefers good quality content therefore we invariably optimize content for the user first.

Targetted Traffic

SEO brings targetted traffic to your website rather than just traffic. This improves conversions.

Best user experience

By making on-site optimizations, we make it a point to provide the best user experience to the user and retain them.

Organic Reach

With Inbound methodology, we can drive insane traffic to our website and rank our keywords organically.