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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

With multiple social media platforms around you, how do you know which platform to use?
The easy answer to this question is to use the platform which your audience uses.

Different people use different social media and they use it for different purposes. For example, people use social media for news, entertainment, to educate themselves, to stay connected with the world.

It is necessary to watch where your potential audience resides and then choose the platform accordingly.

Secondly, you need to understand what type of content the user is expecting from that platform? Do the consumers like to engage on the platforms? Which accounts do they follow or which posts do they like to share?

Lastly, you should choose the social media platform which fulfills your business goals.

Which Type of Social Media Platforms to use?

Video social media platforms

YouTube, TikTok, Instagram Stories and Reels, Facebook Watch

  • To entertain, engage, educate and inspire your audience
Disappearing content formats

Snapchat, Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, LinkedIn Stories

  • To make announcements, polls, product launches, behind-the-scenes content


Discussion Forums

Asking and answering questions, networking, forming communities

  • It is used to share information, to establish authority


Shoppable social media platforms and features

Pinterest Product Pins, Facebook Shops, Instagram Shops, TikTok, Shopify

  • Helpful to tag products, add new products, and drive traffic to the website
Social media live streams

Twitch, YouTube, Instagram Live Rooms, Facebook Live, TikTok

  • It is used for broadcasting live events, or to share discussions where expert panels are involved.
Business social media platforms

 LinkedIn, Twitter

  • Used for connecting with professionals
Inspirational social media platforms

Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, blogs

  • By curating visuals and weaving stories around your product, you can generate more leads

Why Do You Need a Social Media Manager?

All social media platforms require content in different formats. Depending on your business goals like:

A social media manager can design the advertisement campaigns and get you the required results. The algorithms of these platforms are difficult for a layman to understand.

So there is a huge difference between using Facebook for personal purposes and using it for professional purposes. By using relevant hashtags, sharing them in relevant groups, tagging people, a social media analyst can help your business to scale new heights.

By keeping a close eye on competitors and analytics, a social media analyst can generate the desired outcomes for your business. A social media manager prepares a calendar so that your business stays online on social media consistently.

A social media expert knows which format of content works the best on which platform for eg graphics, videos, short videos, infographics, blogs, etc, and accordingly targets them in front of your audience.

Social Media Marketing

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