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YouTube Ads

According to the sources, “YouTube ads produced more views, more clicks, and higher conversions than Facebook Ads!”

As a business entity, what you want is a click that generates sales for you. YouTube ads allow you to set your budgets and also the type of ad that you want to display.

What Are Youtube Ads?

YouTube ads are the advertisements that you see between the videos or sometimes at the beginning of the videos. Some of them can be skipped while others are unskippable.

There are various types of YouTube ads and each of them has its pros and cons. Broadly they can be classified as:

True View Ads:

True view ads are meant to inform the prospects about your product and generate awareness for the same. They can be further classified into:

True View Discovery ads:

These ads are displayed with a ‘yellow small square’ next to the description. Unless people click on it, they won’t be able to view the ad.

The benefit of such type of advertising is that you get quality leads. Because only the people who are interested in your product click the ad.

Such ads can be found on YouTube search results, on the Homepage of YouTube or on the sidebar that appears next to the video. To make such ads you need compelling text that will make your viewer curious about your product and click the ad. A lot of marketing psychology is involved in making such ads.

True View In-Stream Ads:

They appear at the beginning of the video, during the video and at the end of the video. Depending on the type that you choose you can make the ad skippable or non-skippable. Each one of the above has different cost structures and its pros and cons.

As a digital marketing agency in Vadodara, we make an honest attempt to guide our clients regarding which format of the ad should they opt for to get maximum reach and at the same time curtail the cost of advertising.

YouTube has prescribed a specific time limit for each ad. As a user, you need to abide by the same. The time limit varies depending on the type of ad format that you select but it is generally for a few seconds only, not even a minute!

As an advertiser you need to glue your audience in a few seconds, that is where we play a crucial role.

Bumper Ads:

These ads are non-skippable and made to create brand awareness. The time frame for running them on YouTube is just 6 seconds. Right keywords and emotional marketing techniques are targeted here to drive traffic to your product.

Non-skippable ads:

Such ads can be run at the beginning, middle or the end of the video. But Google has specified a time limit for the same. You need to adhere to the time limit. It can be 20 or 15 seconds, depending on your location.

How Do We Make Youtube Ads For Our Clients, As A Digital Marketing Agency In Vadodara?

You don’t need to hire models or shoot in scenic locations for making a great ad. Sometimes if your headings attract the people then they’ll view your ad and decide.

For instance, take the ad for ‘Imperfect foods’. How beautifully it displays the message of why you should buy food from them rather than anyone else.

An emotional ad instantly resonates with the people. What we do is

  • study your product thoroughly,
  • research your potential audience
  • Find out the pain points of your potential customers
  • Try to match them with the advantages that your product offers
  • Create an emotional short story through slides that depict the importance of your product.

Ultimately the customer is attracted to watching a full ad instead of skipping it which results in sales.

Why Is It Important To Place Ads On Youtube?

YouTube belongs to Google. Google has its algorithms for ranking websites. SEO takes time. In that scenario, it is better to explore this platform to grow your audience and educate them about your product through advertisements.

It is important to advertise on YouTube because it is highly targeted. You can target the audience you want by considering:

Demographics: It is helpful to target the users based on various demographic measures like age, gender, location etc.

Topics: Depending on your niche you can reach a particular set of audiences who are interested in your product or services.

Retargeting: With YouTube ads, you can retarget the customers who have previously shown interest in your product/services.

Specific Targeting: You can target the users based on specific life events or milestones. For example, a visa consultancy firm can target students who have just graduated from college to carry on postgraduate studies.

Why Choose Us As Your Digital Marketing Agency For Creating Youtube Ads?

YouTube gives various targeting options and the success of your campaign depends on the set of audiences you select. Apart from that, you need skilled copywriters who know SEO copywriting and also marketing psychology to motivate people to watch your ad.

Unless you are a very big corporate house you cannot opt for models who will act for you in ads. Hence, a medium-sized digital marketing agency like us can help you to achieve the desired target.

Our SEO copywriters and graphic designers make a perfect pitch for your ad that makes the viewers curious to watch your ads. That’s the reason you should prefer us as your partner.

Maximize your online presence, to boost your social media engagement call now!

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