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Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising uses social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest to target people by showing their advertisements.

What Exactly Is Social Media Marketing?

It is a form of digital advertising that places advertisements on different social media platforms through paid campaigns. The theme of the campaign can vary depending on the needs of the business.

The different types of ads that can be run on a social media include

Photo ads:

Photo ads are simple yet engaging visual images that attract your consumers. They can be used to create your brand image in the minds of the people and tell your story.

Video ads:

Video ads are created with sound and motion. They are entertaining and informative. They can be used to highlight accomplishments as well as products/skills.

Carousel ads:

Carousel ads contain multiple images in a single link. It is used when multiple features of a product must be displayed and embedding them in one slide is difficult.

How Is Social Media Advertising Beneficial To The Business?

Due to social media advertising, a brand can build its audience. Not only that, but you can set advertising costs and adjust them based on your needs.

With social media advertising, you can choose your audience. Audiences can be targeted based on location, sex, economic condition, sex, and many other such traits.

Depending on the type of advertisement, the business does not have to pay for the ad unless the visitor on the site clicks the CTA button. This reduces the cost of advertising.

Why Choose Us For Social Media Advertising?

Making social media advertising successful requires a coordinated effort from the team. Follow-up team members are usually engaged in social media advertising.

  • Graphic designer: It is the role of the graphic designer to create images that interest the visitor. A graphic designer has to take care of logo design and how the brand image of the client is displayed across various social media platforms.
  • Content writer: A content writer’s job is to write the content which is to be displayed through the images. It requires the skill of content writing as well as copywriting
  • Content strategist: The job of the content strategist is to guide the content writer and the graphic designer on the topics that can generate engagement. The content strategist also decides the format of the ads whether they will be images, carousel, video etc.
  • Social media executive – The role of the social media executive is to choose the proper set of audiences for the advertisement and optimize the budget so that the cost per click for the advertisement is minimum.

At Tasky Monk, we have a dedicated team of people who try to achieve your advertising goals through a coordinated effort.

Choosing the audience is of premium importance in social media advertising. We specialize in it and work together to maximize your audience’s reach at minimum cost.

Maximize your online presence, to boost your social media engagement call now!

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