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Google Ads

What Is Google Ads?

Just as we see ads on the TV, and on social media similarly Google also charges its users to place ads on websites. The text ads or display ads that Google places on different websites are called ‘Google ads.’

There is a paradigm shift in the way customers shop these days. Data from Google reveals,

“India’s population of online shoppers is growing fast. Of its 177 million online shoppers in 2020, 45 million were first-time online shoppers. Sixty-five per cent of shoppers went online to buy a product they previously bought in-store, and more than 50% of Indian consumers have bought from a brand or store they’ve never shopped at before.”

Why Should You Do Google Ads?

When you do Google ads, you are paying for it. Generally, it is the cost per click. Presuming that the user clicks on your ad then Google counts it as conversion and charges you for it.

Hence, it is very much necessary to show your ads to:

  • A proper set of audience who would be interested in availing your services.
  • Targeting a proper location.

Google ads give instant results, unlike SEO which takes six to eight months to rank a site. You should opt for Google ads in the following cases:

  • Target specific group of people (age, income level, gender etc)
  • Target specific locations
  • If you have a specific budget for sales
  • If you wish to generate leads quickly
  • If you are looking for a short term perspective

How Do We Do Ppc/Google Ads?

In the case of PPC ads, there is a word limit. Google ads are the main source of revenue for Google. But with millions of ads going on and millions of different websites, it is necessary to show your advertisement to the people you want.

To optimize Google ads we do the following tasks:

  • Adhere to the word limits or any other limits set by Google for displaying ads.
  • Make them attractive and use click-bait headlines.
  • Use keywords in the description of ads so that whenever the user searches for those relevant keywords your ad is displayed.
  • Optimize your website and write compelling ‘metas’ that contain keywords. This helps a lot in PPC.
  • Choose the audience set carefully
  • Calculate the cost per click for a chosen keyword, else if the cost is too high we choose a different keyword.
  • Keep a close eye on cost per click on day to day basis so that the budget can be increased or decreased accordingly.

Whenever you place an ad with Google or any social media, it passes through 3 stages.

  • The first is when you submit your ad copy to Google.
  • The second is the learning stage when the search engine tries to show your ads to a different group of people and judge whether they are interested in your product/services.
  • The third stage is when your ad goes live.

As Google ads managers, we know that much money is wasted in the learning stage. At that stage, if we pump more money then it will be wasted, whereas if we keep a low budget then the search engines cannot learn properly.

So we try to find a break-even point and keep the budget that is friendly to your pocket as well as helps the search engine to show your ad to the relevant audience.

We can help you to do PPC ads on Google and get maximum profit out of it through our optimizations.

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