How Animation Video Company Can Boost Your Business Online

Seeing is believing. That’s how people experience the content on the internet.

Just Look around: How common is it to see someone deeply engaged in watching video on
their mobile devices?
Approximately, half a BILLION people are watching videos on Facebook every day. Whoa.
That’s massive, isn’t it? #Facebook #VideoMarketing #Socialmedia
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That’s nothing. According to Cisco, every second almost 17,000 hours of video
content will cross the network by 2021.
Whether you’re an E-Commerce company, a lawyer, a baker or a manufacturing company,
video marketing can boost your business.
Because video is the medium that conveys the most useful information to consumers easily.
Think about the power of video from a consumer perspective – in just one second – more
video content will move across the internet. These huge number of data shows that videos
are changing how businesses or brands communicate with their prospective customers.
Amazingly, “we are shifting to the video first world.”
If you want to connect with the consumers, educate them about your product or service and
convert them into your customers – then why not use their preferred source of online
But what matters the most to your success of your video marketing campaign? The right
video, the right message, and the right production quality to differentiate your brand.
There’s a plenty of poorly-produced marketing videos roaming cyberspace, and this is your
opportunity to stand out. By using creative animated video with the right targeted message, it
can drive the next big boom for your business.

“The year 2018, will be a full-on video revolution year for animation video production
When your animated explainer videos present your business idea, they’re actually telling
your brand’s story. And if you tell it well, people will believe it.
According to the various research and data are given by molecular biologist
John Medina, 65% of people are visual learners, and 90% of the
information transmitted to the brain is visual. His conclusion states that
visuals are our most dominant sense, taking up half of our brain’s
resources. And visual information is processed 60,000x faster than text.
That’s the power of the animated marketing videos: in just a few seconds they show the true
story of your brand.
As a creative animated video marketing company, let us show you how explainer videos can
help you promote your business.
It drives user engagement and convey information more
On social networks sites, video generates 1,200% more shares and engagement than any
other text and images combined.
Whatever your business is, sometimes it is difficult to convey the benefits and service of your
product. An animated video takes the hassle out of answering the same questions from
clients and prospects, and present all the necessary information in a neat, attractive video
content form. This not only works well for businesses that want to explain how their services
work but also for companies that want to answer FAQ from current customers. That’s how
animated videos can be used to both attract and educate customers.
Especially, when your product or a topic is complex,the animation is the best medium to
convey your story. It is capable of simplifying the concepts and explaining them in a
highly visual way (which our brains are better at interpreting). It’s why the Dropbox have
used to present their business idea by using the explainer animation video.
Dropbox business video:
Founded in 2010, Dropbox got a traction from zero to 100 million users in just 5 years.
They have just used an effective viral video campaign and the simplest web design.
Their landing page had only an animated explainer video and a download button. Less is
more was the center idea. The video campaign had its effect, increasing conversions by
10%. The Dropbox video was viewed about 750,000 times in a month and converted
nearly 1 million of the visitors into their registered users yearly.

Not only this, animation videos are the most popular use of video marketing, and
because they do such an excellent job introducing various topics, organizations have
experienced a 20% increase in conversion rates by using them.
Want more examples? Why not make one for your business from us?

The best medium to tell your story: Animated video provides full
creative freedom

Content is all about telling a memorable story about your product, customers, or company.
The beauty of video animation is that limitless software, hardware, and cutting-edge
techniques are at your hand, providing freedom to create whatever story you wish.
Animation provides you with the freedom to defy nature, create scenes or actions that are
difficult to convey using any other medium, and bring funny characters to life.This also
means that a combination of creative, bold and humorous story line with relatively
meaningful characters or even just aesthetically pleasing visuals result in a content that
directly reflects your brand personality the way you want to show it.
People need to be able to trust your brand before making a purchasing decision, animation
video allows you to make this virtual connection. Nowthe power is entirely in your hands.
Sounds awesome?
Animation videos are fun to made
Why have a fun of watching an animation movie while you can create and watch your
own imagination literally come to life?When your brand is having a fun with a topic— that
enchantment becomes fun and entertaining activity. Audiences can’t control them but
mimic and sing your playful spirit and won’t just enjoy the experience — they’ll
remember it for a lifetime. For example, how many of you know Chota Bheem
Producing animation videos are more cost-effective than creating a live video
When you create an animated video, you need to worry about the software and the
creative input you put. Or, you can hire creative business video marketing
company like us who are professionally trained to produce high-quality animation
videos; and already has all the tools and software you need.
The other beauty of creating animated videos is it is easy to manage the complex
details.Animated video is a rich content medium,that is cost-effective, easy to

manage, and will help your key points pop. It offers all the benefits of a visual
medium with much smaller resource requirements than you might expect.

Animated Videos are Ideal for All Marketing Channels
Animation videos work fine for any marketing need; product launch, service explainer videos,
infographics, and new announcements.It also perform well across the board. From TV and
social media to websites and mobile, animated videos are capable of striking any balance
between fun, casual and professional.
Improve Search Engine Optimization
Explainer videos can definitely give you a boost in search engine optimization (SEO) for the
keywords that your business targets. With YouTube and Facebook officially listed as the
second largest video search engine in the world, it’s clear how this can happen. Many videos
appear at the top of search results for targeted keywords. Keep in mind that having a
company YouTube channel is important, but you can also see this boost in SEO by
optimizing the landing page on your business website.
The lesson here? Invest in your video content, and the ROI will take care of itself.
If you’re ready to see what an animated video can do for you, connect with us! Want to have
one slick animated video that will make customers laugh and help you build brand
credibility? Let’s talk.

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