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Are you a startup, a well-established company or even a freelancer? Want to grow your business online? The best way to grow your business is through online medium. It results in exponential growth. Now, the big question in your mind may strike as how and where to start? Some of the initial thoughts that click your mind are like, should I hire an advertising agency? Or, Should I hire a couple of marketing guys? Or, should I visit every trade fair and book stall and sell my stuff? Google SEO service can help you grow your business online. Let’s see how?

Being a starter, there is a lot to do with keywords. Some keywords are popular for example, like “finance company”, “finance consultant in the city”. Keywords play a vital role in indexing the PageRank of the webpage. You can search the popularity of keywords on Google. Whatever you search it breaks down to keywords, only keywords.

Some visitors may turn into customers. It is referred to the conversion rate. The best keywords are not the ones with the highest volume, but rather are the ones with the highest conversion rates. Once you have worked on what keywords you want, you can start working on SEO. You can hire a professional or an SEO company to do the task.

What Is SEO?

What is SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO is notable as Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of increasing the visibility of a website on Search Engine Results Page (SERP). There are many methods to implement the company’s strategy. Keywords are one of the ways.

An SEO should know how a search engine works. The search engine is more than having a lot of content on the website. What are the customer’s popular search engines? How much time do they invest in searching? These are the important factors while implementing SEO techniques. The ranking of a website decides the position of your website on Google pages. It includes the creative content on your website and the overall structure of the website.

SEO techniques is not a one-time task, they should implement frequently. This is because search engine refines their ways of work. The goal of the search engine is to deliver the most relevant results to the searcher.

Why Is SEO Important for Growing Your Business Online?

Today, sixty percent people use the internet to shop. If your company is not visible on the first page, it is practically invisible. Think, when you visited Google’s second page to shop. I think nobody does that. It is very important to use SEO services for your business and take your website on Google’s first page. Today, internet users are increasing day by day. Mostly the users are using the internet to shop. Keeping this in mind who will miss using SEO services and take your business into debt. Organic search is the compliment to the paid services. You can improve your search engine position using SEO services. The days are gone, today the consumers are very smart. They know what they want and how to search.

Why SEO is Important to Grow Business Online

Even if your business is local don’t worry. Google’s statistics show that ninety percent of the people search Google to find local businesses. Earlier people used to use yellow pages for local business search. Now, everybody goes on Google search. Some of the statistics below speak about searches:

82% of the local searches follow up with an offline contact such as a phone call, a visit to a store, etc. (TMP/ComScore)

74 % of online users perform local searches. (Kelsey Group)

20 % of all searches depends on location. (Google)


DO’s And Don’t’s of SEO

Simply having a business website is not enough. The website should undergo search engine optimization techniques. There are some do’s and don’t’s of SEO as described below,

Use ALT Image TagsSEO Tip - Use Image ALT Tag

Imagine a bottle image named as “abc123.png” in your website. When the Googlebot crawls it won’t be able to consider the category of the image. The smallest change in the image name can help the Googlebot to crawl and raise the web page index. The image should rename as “bottle-water.png” and add the proper ALT tag like “Water-bottle-strong”. Thus the correct way to name an image.


Modern Page LayoutSEO Tip - Use Modern Web Design

This part helps search engines to understand the most relevant content on your web pages. It uses your headers, subheads, paragraph content and all other text you have on your page. It is our responsibility to use the correct tags relevant to the content on the page. By correctly labeling the tags we can help Googlebot to crawl and raise the index of the page.

The tag should be an optimization at the starting. When the website is designed to keep in mind that the tag name should be unique to each page. The similar tags may confuse Googlebot to crawl and results in multiple page results for a single product. This small mistake takes our PageRank down.


Don’t Use Flash To Design Your WebsiteSEO Tip - No flash in website

The most important thing you should know Google or other search engines don’t consider flash websites. The flash is completely invisible to search engines. Instead, use HTML 5 to design your websites. It is easier for Googlebot to crawl and index content on your website.


Add Effective Videos

SEO Tip - Use Videos

The video is one of the assets you can use to raise the index of your website. Some extra time should be given to embedding YouTube videos to your website. Ensure that the video titles are related to the content of the page or product to sell. The backlinks can also be included. YouTube has the second largest queries after Google. You can take the advantage of YouTube to create backlinks. Backlinks add to the index of the page. Googlebot also considers the backlinks.



Preserve Your DomainSEO Tip - Preserve Domain Name

You have your business domain working well. Sometime later you want to change your URL and need your website to shift to the new URL. In this case, the concept of 301 (three-zero-one) redirect is used. These are of two types permanent and temporary. A permanent redirect is used when you need your old customers to reach your new website with a new domain from the old domain. In permanent redirect, your customers will see new domain name on your new website. Temporary redirect is used when you need your old customers to reach your new website with the old domain name. In temporary cases, the new website will show the old domain name. There is always a big difference between a good website and a beautiful design. Focus on beautiful design rather that good one.


SEO Tip - Responsive Web DesignCreate Mobile Version of Website

The web is going to be passed in a few years. Desktops are not used much these days. People have shifted to mobile devices. In this scenario, if you don’t have your mobile for your business. You have missed your potential customers to your competitors. If this happens search engine will lower down your presence for the keywords important for your business category. Without waiting much create an app for your business. It doesn’t mean you should not have your business website. It should be there for that category of customers.



Avoid Using Only TextSEO Tip - Dont Use Only Text

You can use infographics to make the customer understand your product or service well. A customer doesn’t read the full text on your website. He looks for a creative and short way to know about your product or service. The dull contents are never read. When you use infographics on your websites, other search engines notice that. The infographics can be used to backlink on your website. This means other websites found your infographics useful to show on their website for their customers. This makes Googlebot consider your website has created content and so raises your index.


What is Google Advertising?

  • Google Adwords

Google Adwords is an online advertising service. Advertisers pay to display a short copy of the advertisement. It is based on keywords and cookies defined by the advertisers. Google has partnered with many companies to display the advertisement copy. A part of the amount is received by the partners of the total income generated.AdWords is the Google’s main source of income. In the year 2012, Google generated $ 43.7 billion from Adwords. It offers pay-per-click (PPC), cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-thousand-impressions, or cost-per-mille (CPM) advertising,  a site-targeted advertisement for text, banner, and rich-media ads and remarketing also known as re-targeting.This program includes local, national and international distribution.

Google Adwords - PPC Advertising Guide

Its text advertisements consist: 

  • One short headline of 25 characters.
  • Two additional text lines of 35 characters each.
  • A display URL of 35 characters.
  • The new format for AdWords was announced in May 2016 and is known as expanded Text Ads. It allows 23%     more text. The new format is available on both the Google Search Network and the Google Display Network. It   features:
    • Two headlines, with 30 characters each, replace a single headline of 25 characters.
    • Allows 80 characters, replaces two headlines of 35 characters each.
    • Two 15 characters’ paths replaced with display URL.
    • The characters do not include the root domain.
    • Emojis and other uncharacteristic characters are not allowed.
    • Reviews can be requested.

Why use Google Adwords to grow your online business?

  • Attract more customers.
  • Advertise locally or globally.
  • Reach right people at the right time.
  • Pay only for results.
  • High Reach.


Google Online PPC Advertising to boost your online business

What Is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. It is also known as Cost-Per-Click. It is used to redirect traffic to websites. In this concept, an advertiser pays a publisher when the ad is clicked. The publisher generates the thorough report on clicks, customers full details, statistics on trends. Advertisers bid on keywords, phrases related to their business and target customers. PPC “display” advertisements are known as “banner” ads as shown on websites. The social network giants like Facebook and Twitter have also adopted PPC pay-per-click advertising models. There are two models of PPC: Flat-rate PPC and Bid-based PPC.

The cost calculation of PPC is based on one formula:

Pay-per-click = Advertising cost ÷ Ads clicked

In both flat-rate and bid-based PPC, the advertiser should consider the potential value of a click from a given source. The cost per click is based on the type of visitor advertiser is expected to visit their website. What the advertiser will gain from the visit in the short-term and in the long-term. This parameter is also considered to decide the cost of a click. The target customers interest, their geographical location, their intention, the day and the time of browsing are often included in the PPC campaign.

Flat-Rate PPC:

In this model, both the parties the advertiser and the publisher agree upon a fixed amount for each click. This amount is paid to the publisher upon agreement. The rate varies as per the different areas of websites or network. It also depends on the content of the website, the content that attracts more valuable visitors and the content which attracts less valuable customers. The rates can be negotiated if the advertiser is loyal in long-term or high-value contract with the publisher.

Bid-Based PPC:

In this model, an auction is hosted by the publisher for all the advertisers interested in bidding. Each advertiser informs the publisher how much amount they are going to pay for a particular keyword. It is important to mention the keywords spot with the keyword. Generally, the online tools are used for the auction process. The process is completely automated.

Advertisers pay per click and the actual amount paid is based on bidding. Automated bid systems are deployed. It maximizes the success and the scale. These systems can be used directly by the advertiser. These tools allow even millions of PPC bids controlled online.

History Of PPC:

In 1996, the first document version was used in a web directory called Planed Oasis. It was developed by Ark Interface, a division of Packard Bell NEC computers. By the end of 1997, around 400 major brands were paying between $0.005 to # 0.2 per click. In addition to this, a placement fee was also paid. In February 1998, Jeffrey Brewer of (later Overture, now part of Yahoo!) presented a pay per click search engine proof-of-concept to the TED conference in California. This created the PPC advertising system. Google started search engine advertising in December 1999. Google’s AdWords started in 2002. Advertisements were charged at cost-per-thousand-impressions or Cost per mille (CPM). Companies such as adMarketplace, ValueClick, and adKnowledge offer PPC services.

How Many Searches Are Recorded On Google Each Month?

Google has recorded more than hundred billion searches each month. It means each day it comes to around 3.33 billion searches. Can you imagine this huge number of searches? I can’t! This is ample of traffic on the web. Now, just imagine even a tiny proportion of this search on your website. It will create thousands of new visitors to your small business website. This is the time to transform these visitors to grow your business.

The conventional way of marketing is to start a sponsored campaign. This can be done on some social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. The campaign runs till the money is spent. Once the money is done, the campaign ends.

Creative Content:

To grow your business to a new audience, ad campaigns can be run. It lasts longer on the web. The similar example of this is Google’s Pay-Per-Click ads. The statistics show that searcher clicks, others natural results more as compared to ads. You have to believe that you can grow your business with SEO.

The online presence is very crucial. The more presence, the more links you have, and the better clicks you get.

Can SEO Help Us To Grow Your Business?

The organizations that understand the need of SEO for online business growth hire an SEO consultant. It is proven that SEO has an important role in creating an environment of online business growth. Nowadays it is necessary to have an SEO in each organization to create the product consciousness in the online marketing industry.

Is Consultation With SEO Experts Necessary?

SEO’s are the experts of online marketing instruments. They should be consulted to channelize the operations of marketing the business. They are the experts in applying the SEO techniques and draw the web traffic to their website. This enhances the business growth. The business firms consult the SEO organizations because they know the technical aspects of the SEO. It will be a loss in business for the organizations doing online business without SEO consultants.

Benefits Of SEO Consultants:

Whenever you start a business SEO campaign, make sure that an SEO is an expert in applying the SEO services. Take note of all the services which will be applied by an SEO expert. It matters a lot,   how the SEO plan is implemented. An SEO campaigns result will clear the crux of their service.

Some of the benefits of an SEO campaign for the business

  • Techniques offered by an SEO for the optimization of a website.
  • Duration for the optimization of the website.
  • Monetary charges of an SEO service to be implemented.
  • Actual plan and purpose for the optimization of a website.
  • Traffic boost on the website by creating the visibility on popular search engines.
  • Keywords implementation to drive the traffic to our website.

Expert SEO Services Deliverables To Businesses

  • Improvement in the business sales.
  • Enhance traffic on the website.
  • Outstanding utility on the business website.
  • Accountability of an SEO campaign in the form of business growth.
  • Quality website designers that will boost the online business.
  • Enhancement in the local business through higher rankings.

Professional And Effective SEO Services:

These services are offered to business for high and effective growth. The services are customized according to their business needs, online requirements for growth. The online presence can be boosted by email marketing, good website design, search engine optimization services, campaign management services, etc.

Customized SEO Solutions:

The purpose of these services is to improve the online credibility of the company so it can continue to maintain business growth. Of whatever services the SEO company provides, the business organization has to stand out with one important aspect. These services must be designed in such a manner that the company achieves business credibility, brand awareness, sales increase, online visibility, market exposure, etc. To achieve this business organization shall approach top quality SEO consultants for SEO solutions. They must have search engine optimization techniques to promote the growth and success of the business. They should look for the SEO solutions for their effective growth.

Google Analytics:

As the traffic reaches your website, you can monitor the statistics of visitors. You can use Google Analytics for analyzing the data. You can see the number of visitors on the website, location of the visitor, form submission, traffic sources, the conversion rate of different locations, etc. This data can be used to help in making future decisions. Google has created a very powerful tool for analysis. It’s easy and free.

You can start analyzing your data in three steps:

  1. Sign up for Google Analytics You should know which site you want to monitor.
  1. Add tracking code You will get a tracking code. Paste this code onto your pages. This helps Google to know when your site is visited.
  1. Learn about your audience In a couple of hours you will be able to monitor your website data.

Some of the reports and analysis you can see are:

  • Visited Audience reports.
  • Customer conversion reports.
  • Customer behavior reports.
  • Acquisition reports.
  • Flow visualization reports.
  • Advertising reports.
  • Monitor your accounts, health, and performance.

You can set up Google analytics on the website or mobile apps. You can take the Google Analytics Training.

Google takes the Google Analytics IQ exam. This exam has shifted to, where it is available for free. To view all the material covered in the Analytics exam, you can use Google’s study guide.

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