Data Driven Marketing to Improve Digital Marketing Decisions

How Data Driven Marketing Improves Digital Marketing Decisions?

What Is This Talk About The High Data Marketing?

It is indeed an amazing thing to see how data analytics can make a huge difference within a very short period of time. This is because of the fact that according to a recent survey, it has been revealed that most of the high data driven organizations have been able to grab the most successful strata when it comes to the world of marketing. Not only that, this has also made the decision-making process a lot easier than one can ever imagine. The high data driven procedure consists of a number of new technologies that have affected the decision making the procedure to a great extent. And many of the businessmen are taking amends in order to make their business an even successful one with the help of these data driven marketing.

According to many of the insurance companies, it has been revealed that where the data doesn’t talk, it does a lot of action that talks for itself. It is the data driven marketing that keeps these companies alive and going and that is why many other companies have started following the trend as well. This has not only led to the increasing popularity of the marketing technique but also has increased the profit margin of the companies in every scenario. So it is a tested way to increase your advertising dimensions and once you start using it, you will no longer be able to resist the same. Remember, to go up the success chart, one has to ignore hunches and start relying on the actual technological part. Now you may think that it is easy, but you have to use it in the right way to gain what you desire.

What Does One Do To Use Data In The Perfect Manner?

  • Use The Right Kind Of Data:

    This is the first thing that is to be dealt with. This is because of the fact that if you are using the data that is irrelevant, then it might not give you the results that you are looking for. Instead, focus on the kind of data that will be helpful to you so that the analytics can sell the value of the data and make a profit for the entire organization at ago. That is why the major part of the data collection is to be done by the senior ranking officers of any company as no one knows the company better than they do.

    Now it might be possible that you have gathered a lot of data, but only a minor part of it is relevant to the kind of marketing that you want to do. In that case, the data gathered will not be of much help to the marketer as because these data will not be able to help in the major decision-making processes. If you have the perfect kind of data, then you can leave your instincts behind and analyse it in order to come to the big decisions of your business. The days of traditionally taking decisions based on instincts and hunches are over and big companies now want their decision to be taken up automatically whenever there is a bifurcation in opinion.

    It’s true that sometimes putting the full focus on just the data can be a very tiresome task, especially when the customers have very high expectations. But it’s also true that if you are able to focus with full gusto, then, later on, you can leave the decision making to the data and you will be able to serve your customers in a better manner.

  • Mobile Compatibility:

    The main source of getting the data collected is with the help of mobiles since in today’s world, almost everybody consists of a smart phone. Thus, it is an amazing weapon in order to collect the data of every customer’s journey and search histories. It has been revealed that people make a lot of Google searches on their smart phones rather than their mobiles and that is the reason why it is easier to collect the data from the mobiles. Many of the companies say that the data insights have been able to improve the experience of the customers with the help of the mobile applications that they have launched and people gradually started liking it as well. And the applications, in turn, gather the data of the people and help in the decision-making process of the company.

    Many of the companies have to struggle a lot regarding the management as well as the integration of the mobile data as people are not comfortable about sharing the same. But a lot of people need to understand that mobile data is also an irresistible part of marketing strategy and is a very powerful one as well.

  • Overcome A Number Of Challenges:

    To have a successful data driven marketing, the analytical executives have to overcome a number of challenges and that too in a three-dimensional manner- accumulation analysis and action. In easy terms, people have to make sure of the fact that they harness more and more data and indulge in the advanced technological issues. For example, if you are running a designing business and you have not collected enough data about your potential customers, then there is a high chance that you might not be able to get hold of the choices that people mostly opt for and you might not be able to make the big decisions for your company. If you are perplexed as to which solution you should use, you can opt for Google Analytics 360 Suite and it will help you to analyse and integrate the data which will generate positive decisions.

    how to overcome the chellanges of data marketing


    It might need a while to learn about these digital marketing processes and it might be tough for the non- tech savvy ones, but once you have a grip on the subject, you can melt it in the picture perfect manner so that all the decisions that are made for your company can be in your favor and works out just as you wanted them to work. Also, you could try retargeting ads to generate more useful data about your customers. The online marketing world is a very competitive one and you have to fight not only hard but also in a smart way so that you can come out to be the winner.

In What Aspects Can Data Driven Marketing Help?

  • Market Budget Management:

    One of the biggest tasks that the marketing managers are given is to make sure that one can stay on budget while completing the target and sometimes this can prove to be a real challenge. With the use of the data, the market can remain more stable and focused and thus it is very easy to work while staying within the budgets. If you are facing the similar sort of a challenge than the first thing that you can do is to use a social profile in order to detect the kind of marketing that is liked by the audience and then you can work your way to follow the trend. This is like a prior warning which makes you forewarned against the types of marketing strategies that you are putting your effort in but will eventually not work out at all.

    For example, you want to create an advertisement for your brand and you are focusing on the video that will serve as the advertisement. It might be possible that the type of video that you are thinking of posting has already been tried by any other company and has been a total failure as well. The data analytics will warn you against the usage of the same and you will be able to save your time and effort- thus you can now focus on creating something more impactful.

  • You Can Gain A Competitive Advantage:

    The best thing that you can ever find about the data drive marketing is that you will be able to have the privilege of the competitive marketing- but at the same time, it will scare you as that means you will be enlisted to be a part of the rat race. But then again, you can be in the competition means that you can be challenged to get better and better in the field of marketing. Also, if you are smart enough to use social media analytics then you will be able to learn a lot more about your competitors, their strong and weak points and the competition can be fiercer among you.

    know your competitors


    Search engine data is also an amazing tool that can be used to improve the ranks in the search engine and then also you can spot the best competitors over there. Stuff your advertising content with the kind of keyword that is most appealing to the people and in this way, you can gain the desired position in the search engines.

  • Focus on the experience of the user in order to elevate the marketing level:

    This is an aspect that the data analytics need to hold on to. It is not only important to load your page and your ads as many people might not know the way to browse through the same. Instead, you should make the navigational program of the site lucid enough so that the users can guide them on their own and view the various modes of advertising for your brand. If you make sure to give the best user experience, then there is no way the viewers might not light your marketing- in fact, they will be glued to it. If you want to find the data regarding the number of people looking at your ads and the things that appeal to them the most, you can go for website heat maps.

    The main work of the website heat maps is to show you through a colour chart about the parts of your website that is clicked on by the viewers and the parts that are not touched at all. This will make you understand about the phases on which you need to work on further. So now you do not have to trust your gut feeling to decide on that. Instead, you can trust the heat map to make the big decisions.

  • Personalizing Stuff

    If you create personalized products, then there is a high chance that your brand name will gain a lot of popularity since many people will be able to relate to the same and feel special about it. The data remarketing technique will make sure of the fact that you know the choices of the clients and what exactly you desire to have. So this gives you the chance to interact with your customers more and gain their commitment at the same time. It has been seen that clients like it a lot when they are being addressed in the personal way rather than the generic manner.

    Instead of the ‘respected sir/ madam’, if you mail the customer saying ‘Dear…’, and add some warmth to the email, then the chance gets higher that your client will like your brand more. But for this, you have to keep a form right at the beginning of the website which the viewers have to fill while browsing the site so that later on you can address them personally. If the form is missed out by the customer, then all you have to do is to track them by cookie tracking in order to get their data. This data, in turn, will help you in deciding for how you will address the customer later on.   The cookie tracking helps in revealing the geographical as well as the demographical location of the person.

  • Better Buyer Personalities

    Remarketing Advertise

    With the help of remarketing ads, one can easily decide on how to create better buying personalities and choose the best of the lot. If you do not have standard buyers for your company, then your company name can go down within a very short interval of time. And that is the reason why you need to check the data and bring out the better personas for buying. Ensure that you have a user profile data for every user in your website. The profile of each of the customers should be completed and up to date- this form will consist only of the basic details of the individual. This includes the email address, phone number, hobbies, educational qualification, gender, location and so on. Once you know all that it will be easier for you to decide which sort of people you should target to promote your product.

  • Data Can Provide Better Content For Audience

    To each and every content producer it is of the utmost importance that the data is relevant as well as interesting to the users and they can engage themselves in the same. Now if you do not know much about the users only, how will you be able to decide which kind of content will be interesting for the users and which one will be the less appealing? In order to make the correct presumption, you have to gather and harness enough data about the users and that way, you will be able to make the best creative content that will allure the viewers towards it thus leading to your brand popularity.

    You can make the best use of the Google Adwords Keyword planner in order to stuff the correct assortment of the keywords in the content that you are creating. One has to be very careful while stuffing the keyword so that it is neither too less or too many. Also, the Google Analytics is an amazing tool to see check whether the content that has been created is worth all the effort or whether it will be disliked by the users.

  • Ample Marketing Opportunities

    Indifferent of whether you like it or not, sometimes it is the work of the marketer to dig deep into the statistics to bring out the possibilities in which the marketing campaign can be done. Many people have ignored this step but the one who has spent their time in analysing the data and bringing out the results have been rewarded with the most positive results by getting better marketing opportunities.

    Many companies have been continuously aware of their churn rate and that has been able to update them with the customer churning times. The data marketing has been used in order to record and analyse these churns which in turn declares the better marketing opportunities of the company that in turn increase the profit percentage of your business.

  • Data Helps You Be Where Your Audience Is –

    The most important aspect of marketing strategy is to know where your audience is. Marketing with the help of the data lets you know about the accurate geographical location of the user you are dealing with and the social network lets you interact with them no matter where they are. This means that you are never far from your audience. Let us suppose that you are creating the YouTube promotional video. Now when you are going to post it, you will definitely need to know about the location where it is the most popular, what devices are being used to view the same, the referral traffic rate and a lot more that will make you acknowledged about how the users were able to reach your video.

    Once you are able to know this data it will make you decide well about how you are going to create the next series of videos and what kind of audience will it be catered to. For example, if you see that your videos are being appreciated more by the Indian people, then you will have to add an Indian flavour to your videos so that the people there can relate to the same and you can gain more and more viewers. The language also plays a major part in your videos. For example, in this case, you should try making videos in the Hindi language and not just in the English one so that there is no communication gap among your users.

  • Social Media Compatibility

    What we are trying to say is Data when gained and harnessed in the proper manner can make all the decision making easier for you. Once you know what your clients want, you can give them their desired product and meet their expectations. The data gives you the deciding factor whether your marketing should be done on the social networking sites or not, and if so what site will be the best for the same.

    For example, let us suppose that some of the ads are being loved more by the twitter people and is being shared by one and all. All you have to do is to create similar series of ads in order to get the promotion done. In the same way, if Facebook shows an affinity towards some of your specific contents that you have to mould the marketing campaigns according to the needs of the Facebook followers. Let the data analysis decide everything for you for once and you will not be able to come out of this habit anymore.

The Conclusion of High Data Marketing

In today’s date of break neck competition, every marketer is looking for a reliable way in which he or she can have a successful business- also it consists of a huge number of decision- making as well. But if you leave the decision-making process on the data analysis then you will be able to focus on the core parts of the business. Also, data marketing targets the users being treated as a human and not just as the other end of the transaction. So his procedure can not only be relied on as a decision maker but it can also be rendered as a path to business oriented success.

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